Hollywood can be a complex AND tricky landscape to navigate.

I'm JULIA KIM - an Independent Casting Director.

I created INVASIANLA to help Asian actors be better prepared for the increasing opportunities.

I have a wide range of industry EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE, including working with Asian American Filmmakers, Actors and Producers, as well as being a Hollywood to Asia casting conduit.

"I want more Asian talent to succeed in the business.”
- Julia

ACTORS trying to break in or get to the next level
PRODUCTIONS seeking authentic casting
• Hollywood PANELS
• Media INTERVIEWS and opportunities

Classes & Consultations

invAsianLA is also for Asian / Asian-American PARENTS hoping to learn about a child acting career.

"Minari's" Alan S. Kim & Noel Kate Cho

You're welcome Alan - well done

"Such a wonderful experience for Noel."

- Noel Kate Cho's mother

"So proud to be part of Minari."

- Alan S. Kim's parents


A most memorable moment

JULIA KIM served as a long standing member of the CSA (Casting Society of America) EQUITY IN ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE, which explores creating new industry standards around cultural and gender issues.
In 2020: of the 819 INVITED INTO THE MOTION PICTURE ACADEMY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES, 45% were women and 36% were from underrepresented ethnic and racial communities.

"To have been selected to The Academy as part of this group is especially special for me.”

- Julia

Let's talk about you

I Help Asian Actors ASSESS THE BEST WAYS TO BE SUCCESSFUL in today's climate.

More generally, we will touch on:

• Your Actor goals
• What kind of Actor you see yourself as
• Steps to achieve your goals
• Classes you are or might consider taking
• Tools like headshots, reels, Websites, Social Media, etc.
• Comedy vs drama, TV vs film, commercials and scene study
• Audition protocols and what Casting Directors expect in the room
• Agent status / how to go about obtaining one
• Self tape techniques and suggestions

Specifically, we will discuss things like:

• Playing up your individuality in the Asian landscape
• Advice on headshots, dress, wardrobe, hair, accent, mannerisms, name and how to bridge the gap between traditional Asian tastes and western Asian tastes
• Advise on extracurricular acting activities

Note: This is not an acting class and consultations do not include any promise of introductions to Managers, Agents, etc. It also does not guarantee any promise of auditions.

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