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invAsianLA was started by Casting Director Julia Kim to help Asian Actors better navigate the Hollywood landscape. Seminars and private sessions –

A wide range of diversity-driven involvements.

LGBTQ casting + diversity and film financing discussion panels + teaching + festival committee participation + helping Agents, Managers, Filmmakers, Actors, Producers and Studios be more sensitive to cultural and gender issues + serving as an Asian-Hollywood overseas conduit & more.

"All this change is exciting and I'm proud to be part of it."
Julia Kim

Walkin' the walk –

Grateful & excited 

Of the 819 invitees, 45% of the new members are women and 36% are from underrepresented ethnic/racial communities. To have been nominated and selected as part of this particular group is especially special for me.

Lunching with Lisa Ling
Teaching at UCLA

Contributing to the discussion

Pre Emmy hobnobbing

Talkin' the talk –

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